Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dennis, and a montage of some pics from my garden on this lovely sunny day ...

It was so nice sitting in the garden this morning with breakfast and a lovely pot of coffee, and the kestrels were out in force in the skies above.

So, I took some pics of my flowers and also Dennis, who is always on the go, and it is difficult to catch him.  But he took refuge in the shade on a seat, and decided it was time for a wash, so I managed some. However, he is also scruffy because he escaped before he was groomed this morning!

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  1. Lovely photos...beautiful cat

  2. What beautiful flowers, but I have the say that Dennis gets First Prize - He is stunning!!!


  3. Isn't it a joy to sit outside and enjoy breakfast, lunch and tea in the fresh air surrounded by your garden. I think it is one of the joys of Summer and one we get to do all too infrequently with our unpredicable weather.
    Dennis is gorgeous, what beautiful eyes. Our cats find this weather a bit too warm, especially the black one, she tends to take refuge indoors.
    Your roses are fantastic, I bet they smell heavenly. Hasn't it been a fantastic rose year this year, mine are the best I think I've seen them, absolutely smoothered in flower.
    Here's to a long and hot Summer and many more breakfasts al fresco!!
    Hugs Lisax

  4. Beautiful photos Val. Dennis is a beauty and the opposite version of my Mum's cat Bobby. Bobby's not quite black but a smokey very dark brown and instead of blue eyes his are orange.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Such beautiful photos Val!
    I love Dennis he is absolutely gorgeous!
    Your flowers are so very beautiful!
    I am with you we need to make the most of these beautiful days and enjoy our gardens and yours looks divine!
    kim x

  6. Lovely! Isn't that Glamis Castle? I can almost smell it...



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