Monday, 23 July 2012

The Winner!

As far as sport goes I can take it or leave it, unlike my OH, who has an interest in in a fair few areas, but his passion after rugby and football has always been cycling, particularly as he was a fairly good long distance cycler in his teens and early twenties (before I met him), so this year I decided I would join him on the sofa to watch the Tour de France, and yes, I really enjoyed it.  As we have holidayed in France quite a bit it was great to see the country from a different perspective as well.

These guys are supreme athletes, and it really made me proud to be British to see all the Union flags on the Champs Elysees cheering home Team Sky and in particular Bradley Wiggins as the first British winner of the Tour de France and Mark Cavendish winning this stage for the fourth year in succession.

Here's hoping they can repeat their success in the Olympics.


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  1. This post sounds rather familiar Val, lol! It's the same in our house and for the first time ever I got caught up watching the Tour de France. It's turning out to be the same with the Olympics and I even had it on yesterday morning whilst OH was at work and I was popping in and out doing chores. Shame it was such a disappointing day for our cyclists and a few other disciplines too. Lets hope today starts a turn around. I hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony as much as I did.

    Lesley Xx


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