Saturday, 17 July 2010

A sad day - but one also to remember a life lived well ...

 My dear Uncle and Godfather passed away on July 2, and Thursday was his funeral.  Tim was 90, and many had said that he should not have been here - he joined the RAF in 1937, just before his 17th birthday, and flew with Bomber Command during WWII on over 300 sorties.  Flying became his life, and he retained a love of it all his life.  After he left the RAF with over 30 years service, he moved to Saudi for 8 years train their airforce pilots and flight engineers, and then came back to join a commercial airline in the UK.

He had a huge sense of humour and fun, and a bit of a devil may care attitude, which I remember appealled to me when I was much younger and started to get to know him - I think it was also the dashing uniform, and the smiling good looks, which continued into later years.  For all that, he never boasted about his achievements and the commendations he received.  Just a lovely man.

In retirement Tim and my Aunt Cora travelled the world, and enoyed life to the full.   They had been married nearly 62 years, having fallen in love at first sight, and got married 3 months later.  This photowas taken when they got married.  Cora said on Thursday that there was never a moment in their life together that she had not been proud of him.  Such love ...


  1. Sorry to hear of your familys sad loss Val
    Linds xx

  2. You must be very proud of your uncle and he certainly lived a very full life. My condolences at your loss.

    Janet xx

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.
    Hugs Alie

  4. themessycraftroom18 July 2010 at 19:18

    Sorry to hear of your loss. x ChrisB

  5. I have to say it sounds as though your lovely Uncle had a wonderful life totally lived to the full and the fact that by all the odds he probably should not have survived the war I'm sure made him grasp whatever wonderful experiences life offered him with both hands. He was definitely a very handsome man and you and your Aunty in particular will miss him dreadfully.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Gosh - what a dashing man your Uncle and Godfather was. I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Your poor Aunt Cora will struggle so without "Tim" by her side but hopefully there will come a time when the fond memories of happy times shared will shine through and alleviate some of the pain of loss. With very warmest wishes, Lesley


Thank you soooo much for all the wonderful comments you leave on my Blog. I appreciate each and every one....and for you taking the time to do so....I will try to get over to your Blog too.
Love and big hugs
Val xx


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