Saturday, 25 July 2009

Well, I was never going to start a blog - but here I am. This is my first post - and it is all totally new to me, I'm learning as I'm going along, please be patient with me! I'm trying to get my layout and bits and pieces looking right before I even try to figure out how to post photos of my cards, and the menu! So, hope this works and with some luck and effort on my part I shall post again, in the not too distant future with some photos of my cards!


  1. Congratulations Val for taking the giant leap into blog land. There are some really helpful peeps and a teenager can usually help. Looking forward to your future post. Debbie M.

  2. spotted your new link - congratulations! As a fully certified computer idiot, I managed to add the pix ok, am sure you will too. Will look forward to seeing them

  3. Yay, Well done Val! Now we'll be able to see anything you make that's not Graphicus based. Hope the dvd arrives ok. It was posted Thursday afternoon.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Welcome to the addictive world of blogdom :). Looking forward to seeing your cards on here soon!

  5. Welcome to blogland Val... great work with your blog so far.. hugs rachxxx


Thank you soooo much for all the wonderful comments you leave on my Blog. I appreciate each and every one....and for you taking the time to do so....I will try to get over to your Blog too.
Love and big hugs
Val xx


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